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The Uganda Health System (2019)

2. Community Health Systems (2018)

3. SRHR and HIV/AIDS Thematic Area-2018

4. Contribution of the EAC Secretariat-HIV and AIDS Unit/ Programme on Global Health Diplomacy: Perspectives from the EAC Secretariat-2018

5. Health Systems Challenges in Africa -2018

6. African Health Leadership, African Platform on Human Resources for Health -2017

7. “Fostering Capacity for Health Governance and Leadership with a focus upon Health Workforce Development for Universal Health Coverage” -2016

8. WHO Global Code of Practice & the EC Brain Drain to Brain Gain Project -2016

9. Citizen-led accountability is key in health care quality improvement: Experiences, Lessons Learnt and Way Forward-2016


11. Implementation of SDGs: Africa Centre for Systematic Review & Knowledge Translation

12. Amref Health Africa Engagement in SDG -2016

13. CHESPOR_Learning from the Ghanaian Experience-2016

14. Communique from the 1st Africa Region Health Think Tank Consultation on implementation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)  2016

15. MOH Statement at SDG Consultation -2016.

16. PPP-Regional consultation-fekerte-Regional consultation of Think Tanks on implementation of SDG for better health outcomes in ESA -2016

17. Regional SDG Consultation F OMASWA-2016

18. Rwanda-IPAR Presentation-Role of IPAR-Rwanda in SDGs implementation -2016

19. SDGs in the National Health Policy and Health Sector Development Plan in Uganda-2016

20. Statement delivered on behalf of MFA at Regional Consultations of Think Tanks on Implementation of SDGs -2016

21. Think Tank meeting 2016

22. UNACOH Uganda National Association of Community and Occupational Health – A NPHA, member AFPHA & WFPHA -2016

23. SDGs: Role of Health Policy Research Institutions -2016

24. SDGs Implementation in Zambia: Training Institutional and collaborative efforts & perspectives -2016

25. Determining an Appropriate Skill Mix for Country Health Systems.-2013

26. Human Resources for Health in Africa: African Leaders in Action.-2013

27. Post 2015 Agenda-2013

28. Access to SHR Commodities

29. Global Health Diplomacy

30. Global Trade, Health & issues

31. MoFA Presentation

32. NCD's & Healthy Ageing


34. Trade and Medicine