Growing a New Generation of Accountable African Techno-professionals in health

on Sunday, 22 January 2012. Posted in Governance Forum

In our last discussion we placed a heavy responsibility for transforming the heath status of African populations on technical and professional leaders. We agreed that this time round we will discuss how we can produce a critical mass of techno-professionals who will design and drive the reforms that are needed and to close the  gap between what needs to be done and what is actually happening on the ground.

What lessons can Africa learn from China's success in population health?

on Friday, 16 March 2012. Posted in Governance Forum

I am writing this from Beijing in China where I have been for one week exploring what Africa can learn from the phenomenal achievements of this emerging super power. The last time I was in China was 2004 and in this interval, I can only admire the transformation in the Beijing skyline that dwarfs those of many other cities that I know. The streets are clean with many taxi cars but the air however is not so clean.

The implementation gap: what is the problem?

on Monday, 06 December 2010. Posted in Governance Forum

Francis Omaswa berates the 'silence and complacency of the techno-professionals' in actual delivery of services or policies. He then proffers an apology...Last month I participated at the 52nd Health Ministers Conference for East, Central and Southern Africa (ECSA) in Harare, Zimbabwe. At this meeting, the Health Ministers adopted eleven resolutions, the last two of which were to thank the host country and the partners.