ACHEST Meets Health Professional Councils on brain drain to brain gain project

on Tuesday, 08 September 2015.

ACHEST was invited to attend and address the scheduled meeting of the Councils’ Heads which included the Allied Health Professions Council, the UMDPC; the Nurses and Midwives Council and Pharmacy Board on the “Brain Drain to Brain Gain” project supporting the WHO Code of practice on International recruitment of health workers, for better management of health worker migration.
The meeting discussed modalities and possibility of the councils being sources of relevant data required for the project.
As result of the meeting African Centre for Global Health (ACHEST) was given a go-ahead to work with the respective Councils on the consolidation of existing Health Workforce databases for purposes of reporting on the WHO Code on the International Recruitment of Health Personnel to which Uganda is a party
ACHEST team was led by Dr. Peter Eriki and accompanied by Dr. Vincent Ojoome, Mr Robert Odedo and Ms Geraldine Agiraembabazi.