About Us

Who we are

The African Centre for Global Health and Social Transformation is an initiative promoted by African and international leaders in health and development. These leaders have first-hand experience in planning and implementing health and development programs in Africa and at international level.
ACHEST is an independent "Think Tank and Network."

Africa as a people driven continent enjoying the highest attainable standard of health and quality of life.

To promote social justice and equity through support of evidence-based and technically sound policies and strategies that are owned and driven by African populations themselves.

To achieve our mission, ACHEST will strategically:
1. Forge alliances and partnerships with individuals and organizations in Africa and around the world.
2. Conduct policy and strategy-oriented research focused on Africa's engagement with global partners in health, economic and social development
3. Promote and advocate capacity development of African professionals and institutions to pursue excellence and to engage as leaders and active change agents in their communities, countries and the global arena.
4. Develop and implement strategic communications with African and global leaders’ particularly civil society, policy makers and professionals.

What added value do we bring?
The world has witnessed a welcome burst of interest and matching activities aimed at promoting equity and social justice as well as addressing the gross disparities in the quality of life between human populations in the world.
There is abundant evidence to show that past and current efforts at identifying and implementing solutions that are handed down from outside are not rooted in the history and culture of the recipients and are not sustainable
because African populations have not owned these solutions.

ACHEST adds value by:
• Strategically promoting and advocating for the use of well-grounded knowledge and evidence to strengthen African professionals’ and institutional capacity.
• Provide transformational leadership to communities, countries and the world.
• Apply strategic communication to bring about the required behavior change.

ACHEST is incorporated and registered in the Republic of Uganda as not for profit organisation and applies internationally accepted governance principles.
The management organs include:
• Board of Directors
• International advisory committee
• Expert panels
• The Secretariat