Introduction: Africa Health Journal (AHJ) has been published from the United Kingdom by SFG under the leadership of Bryan Pearson without interruption for the last 40 years. SFG decided that a new safe home located in Africa should be found for this African journal. He approached Francis Omaswa and his team of senior Africans at ACHEST who have accepted to take on the responsibility of providing a new African home for the AHJ in Kampala, Uganda.
Vision and Mission: AHJ will remain are view journal that addresses the knowledge needs of policy makers, practitioners and academia who work in the frontline with limited access and opportunity to read original research publications. It will translate research evidence into practical and easy to implement language linked to real life African field situations. AHJ will be widely circulated with special focus on hard to reach locations. There will be emphasis on communicating solutions that address Africa’s unique bottlenecks to the achievement of population health goals enshrined in the SDGs. AHJ will promote the message of Health for All through the active participation of the people themselves using the available resources and technology in a manner that leaves no one behind..
What is on offer at Africa Health?:
• Free open access to all internet users
• Wide and timely dissemination of information
• Regionally relevant content
• Continuous Professional Development
• No charges for article publication
• Paid subscription for hard copies
• Active website discussions and debates
• Active links to other relevant resources
Governance and Transition: Effective transfer from SFG to ACHEST is August 2018. ACHEST will be responsible for producing the November 2018 and subsequent quarterly editions of the AHJ. Bryan Pearson will continue to support ACHEST for as long as needed providing advice and will sit on the governance organs.
Management Board: This will be responsible for overall strategic and operational oversight for the AHJ. It will comprise up to seven experienced individuals.
Editorial Board: This will be responsible for assuring high quality editorial content that is consistent with the vision and mission of the AHJ.
Method of Work: AHJ will establish a Secretariat in Kampala that will coordinate the sourcing, analysis, publication and distribution of the journal under the guidance of the Editorial Board. The Secretariat will handle the marketing and business of the journal as well as manage the website and the interactive online dialogue.
Africa Health will publish review articles on:
• Health Systems strengthening and Health Services Management
• Health Professions Education, Training, Management, Migration
• Clinical care and case management
• Pharmaceutical practice
• Global Health
• Current Affairs and News

African Centre for Global Health and Social Transformation (ACHEST)
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